Walking in Pelion

Pelion is known in history as the summer residence of the gods of Mount Olympos. Over the centuries sacrifices were made along with many offers of fruit and grain, seeds from which were dropped en route and were able to flourish due to the abundant streams and waterfalls, hence explaining the varied and diverse vegetation we find today. Pelion is ideal for walking/trekking in groups or individually.

Most of the walks follow the kalderimis (donkey paths) going from village to village.

Beautiful walks through the heart of nature on Mount Pelion are a true pleasure. Breaks in the vegetation along the way provide excellent view points and you will sometimes come across small villages where locals tend to congregate in the kafenion (usually found in the square) to discuss politics or everyday life. Join them for coffee or perhaps a frappe.

Although walking is not an activity immediately connected when thinking of Greece, it is very popular, particularly in the spring and autumn when nature is at its best. Even in the high temperatures of the summer months it is possible to find shady walks on the wooded slopes, the altitude always offers the comfort of temperatures several degrees lower than the sunny coast.

The full text of the example routes below is available on request at our local representative.

I. Milies – Bridge – Little church- Milies
Time 1, 5 hours. Grade 2 (1-5). Route rating - EASY
The route begins at the central square of Milies and follows the kalderimi (donkey paths) down to the train station at Moutzouris – from here we follow the train tracks along to the big metallic bridge. Just after passing the bridge we take a small path leading us to a little church which appears to be literally hanging over the rocks.

II. Milies – Kala Nera – Milies
Time 3 hours. Grade 3 (1-5). R. Route Rating - EASY
Setting off from the central square of Milies we follow the kalderimi (donkey paths) to the train station at Moutzouris. From here we take a traditional kalderimi leading us through the houses of the southern part of the village, then the rural road allowing us to join the beautiful kalderimi of Kala Nera.
Our return route takes us to Ogla and the old kalderimi leading to the train tracks which we follow until the train station and from here back to the village square.

III. Milies – Vizitsa – Train Station of Milies – Milies
Time 2, 5 hours. Grade 2 (1-5). Route rating - EASY
Beginning at the square of Milies we take the central road (asphalt) to the square of Vizitsa. From here we follow the kalderimi towards Kala Nera until we reach the train tracks which we follow until the central train station of Milies. From here we join the kalderimi leading us back to the village square.

IV. Milies – Itamos – Vizitsa – Milies
Time 3,5 hours. Grade 4 (1-5). Route rating - EASY
Leaving from the church and library in Milies we select the kalderimi for Zourixti and Tsagarada. After approximately 2.5 km we take the forest road which leads us to Itamos where we find the Tsagaradiotiki Strata (Tsagarada-Agios Georgios) We then take the path leading us into the forest until we reach the big water tower located above Vizitsa and continue along a beautiful forest road to the village of Vizitsa and then back to Milies.



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