This day trip goes to the impressive site of the Meteora monasteries.

The day starts early to be on time at the monasteries. As the bus leaves the peninsula of Pelion the change in landscape is immediately noticeable. The rough-covered mountain slopes give way to flat farmland. We drive through the ‘breadbasket’ of northern Greece. As we near Kalambaka the huge lump rock rising from the valley to enormous heights, come into view. An amazing sight! Some steps have been cut down, but once, people climbed upwards using hands and feet when danger threatened.

Around 700 years ago, monks settled on these inaccessible rocky heights. It is almost impossible to imagine how they managed to transport the necessary building materials so high! There are more than nine monasteries, six of which are open and some are at an altitude of 300 meters. They were built during the 11th and 12th century offering the inhabitants isolation and protection from the oppressors. A hike to the ‘sacred rock’ is made, a steep climb but richly rewarded as the view from Kastraki is magnificent. We move on to a visit to a church with Byzantine icons and frescoes. In Kalambaka there is free time for lunch or a stroll through the town.

After this amazing day we begin our journey home, one more breif photo stop on the way and we return to Pelion.


The garden of Pelion is a project of Ross Holidays, we also offer villas in South Crete.

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