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Miliès, Pilion

The lush peninsula of Pèlion is situated approximately halfway between Athens and Thessaloníki, predominated by Mount Pèlion. Nestled on the mountainside is the beautiful village of Miliès. The village is surrounded by apple orchards, from which it derives its name, and olive groves. The charming village square is the meeting place for villagers and visitors alike. Tavernas serve traditional meals and pitas (pies) for which the area is well known. Access to the houses is via the kalderimis (donkey tracks). Pèlion is home to the terminal of the old slow steam train which began operation in 1894 and ceased to run in 1970. Nowadays steam train enthusiasts have restored the train and during the summer months, visitors can go back in time and take a ride along the panoramic route through the Pagasitic Gulf. The original name of the train was Moutzoúris (man with smudges), probably linked to the sooty faces of the operators. It is very impressive to see how the train is turned around manually at the end of the line.

According to mythology, the Gods chose this place as their summer stay. Offers to the Gods mainly consisted of fruit and seeds, sometimes from faraway lands, and this is how the rich and so diverse vegetation in this area is supposedly explained. The typical houses (archontiká) indicate that the inhabitants were wealthy merchants. Even now the same style of architecture is the only one used. Further examples of this unique style of building (archontikó) can also be found in the neighbouring villages of Vizίtsa and Pinakátes.

Apart from the stunning mountainous scenery there is also a breathtaking panoramic view to the sea, the beautiful Pagasitic Gulf. Beautiful beaches are to be found at Ano Lechoniá, Korópi, Káto Gatzéa and Áfissos



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